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Additional Services

Roosevelt Chiropractic offers more than just chiropractic care.
We also offer massage therapy and custom foot orthotics.

Location: University District, Seattle, WA

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Welcome to Roosevelt Chiropractic

Our goal is to empower you to take charge of your health.

We can help to ensure that you are healthier today than you were yesterday and with the benefits of regular Chiropractic Care, we can show you how to maintain vibrant health for a lifetime.

Roosevelt Chiropractic has been serving the University District in Seattle, Washington for more than 30 years and we continue to offer up-to-date care for your modern life.

Our Services

chiropractic at roosevelt


To restore the body's ability to regulate and heal itself through spinal adjustments and alignments.

massage therapy at roosevelt chiropractic

Massage Therapy

To reduce stress and restore quality of live. Pair with chiropractic treatments for optimal results.

foot orthotics by roosevelt chiropractic

Foot Orthotics

Custom fitted to enable the body to balance weight distribution and engage more efficiently with gravity.

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