Massage Therapy

Why Massage Therapy?

Wellness & Stress Reduction

We understand that regular massages can greatly reduce stress and improve quality of life for our patients. For this reason, we have developed an affordable massage from which our patients can benefit. By becoming a member of our Spa~ah Club, patients can receive monthly massages for as low as $69. The Spa~ah Club is for patients who are interested in wellness care only.

Therapeutic Treatment

Massage is also a beneficial adjunct to chiropractic care for injuries. Benefits include increased circulation, scar tissue prevention, lymphatic support and reduced muscle tension. For patients who have been in motor vehicle collisions & work-related accidents our office is able to bill PIP, 3rd party automobile insurance, and the Department of Labor & Industries.

We also offer massage gift cards.  Give the gift of relaxation to the ones you love!

Please call us to set up an appointment.